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Paul Filardi


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Also remember if use it at both ends

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When you hook up two batteries in parallel on a vehicle the weaker battery will always discharge the stronger battery to the point where it sucks both to zero the only way to do this properly is to separate them.   You can do that using a continuous duty solenoid so they are separated when the ignition is not on.  Wire the solenoid to any circuit that comes on with the ignition switch and your problem is solved you will not take out your good battery with a weaker battery

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80M mono right
2m/70cm left

Extra copper earth strap (unpainted atm) on left , there is one on the right also (painted) , they moved resonance the up by 10KHz .

73 , Paul .
ps- so far mobile 80m ssb to ZL2 4155klm / 2100 miles, VK4 450klm up north a f call using 10w and 1 local 20klm :-)
Sigs were ZL2 him S9 me S5 , VK4 him 10 over me 9 to 10 , local him 30+ me 25+ .


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