Re: Anything to look for

Mark Schoonover


I wonder after what serial number this fix was applied? I think I bought my 7000 around the second year they were available for purchase. 

Mark Schoonover KA6WKE

On Sat, May 2, 2020, 18:03 Paul <pg321@...> wrote:
Ok , thanks all , done deal here and on it's way next week i hope (post slow because of corona) , Waiting now  .
@Mark the fellow mentions it had a heat modification done years ago by ICOM itself .
Eventually the radio will live under the passenger seat i think .

@OE8UWW , whats wrong with the AM filter? too Narrow? , i'll look into it as those 9KHz wide ceramic filters are cheap enough (if that is what they use in it) , i do heaps of SWL .

cheers Paul

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