Re: New to the group and experiencing a problem


What I intended to say was now that your radio is working tune the antenna using the tune button on the IC-7000 and then disconnect the IC-7000 and hook up the analyzer and see what it says. As long as you don't power down the AH-4 will maintain the tune your radio is seeing. Do not disconnect the 4 pin connector on the radio.
If you don't have power on the AH-4 it should directly connect the input to the output without tuning.
It is possible that the SWR reading on the IC-7000 is incorrect as it uses the power direction within to derive it in the CPU.
The tune should be correct for the transmitted signal and of course higher for other frequencies.
Glad you found your power problem. At 3:1 the IC-7000 should fold back the power to protect the final transistors.

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