Re: Powering off on TX


On 4/24/2020 3:16 PM, Lance Homer wrote:
What's the best troubleshooting path?
The first thing I would look for is voltage sag on the DC power line when you key the radio. The easiest and best way to test for this is to look at the voltage at the connector for the external tuner. Pins 3&4 (farthest from the "V" end) should have the 13.8VDC (or thereabout) and should not drop very much when you key the radio at 50 watts.

This is the best test for DC power because it tells you what voltage is really getting inside the radio. This tests your power supply, power cable (including any connectors and fuses) and even the connector on the back of the radio. And, you don't even have to open the radio!

Let us know what you find.

73, Joe, K1ike

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