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Steve Murphy

Hi Terry,

This sounds like the classic IC-7000 low voltage reset problem. High SWR can make the situation worse.

I eliminated the lousy glass fuse holders used on the OEM power cord replacing them with Bussman/ Littlefuse ATC in line holders. I have not had a reset since. I had a low power issue with one of my HF rigs a couple of years ago. Again, the cheap glass fuse holders were dropping nearly half a volt each!

In fact, the fuse holder swap is the first thing I do when I get a new radio.

Good luck solving your problem.


On April 23, 2020 12:50:30 AM EDT, Terry Y <tkyoung2009@...> wrote:
I just subscribed to the group this evening; my name is Terry Young, call sign n0ve

I'm looking for help with a problem.  I've had my IC-7000 since 2011 and an AH-4 since 2012.  For about the past three and half years the 7000 has been used once or twice a year for UHF/VHF only and the AH-4 hasn't been used.  About a week ago I reinstalled the 7000 & over the past couple of days I reinstalled the AH-4 along with a new Chameleon EMCOMM II.  The EMCOMM II is a 60 foot wire antenna that covers 6M to 160 M, the manufacturer recommends a 50 to 55 foot counterpoise, and an external tuner is required.  I installed a 58 foot counterpoise figuring I would put an analyzer on it and trim it back until I got an acceptable SWR reading.

Since reinstalling the 7000 I have participated in a couple of UHF/VHF nets with no problems; the most recent net being last Sunday evening.

When I finished installing the antenna this morning I connected an antenna analyzer though the AH-4 with unsuccessful results.  On 7.240 MHz I got back a reading of infinate SWR.  So, dialed in the High Noon Net (7.240 MHz) and just listening worked fine  I turned on the tuner - no problems.  When I pressed the push-to-talk button/lever the radio shut off and immediately restarted.  I turned the power down to 75% and again, when I pressed push-to-talk same results.  I disconnected the HF antenna and the tuner cable and tried a UHF frequency (70cm) with the same results.  Before anyone asks, befoe I proceeded with the antenna installation I verifyed the AH-4 us compatible with a long-wire antenna and after the problem I did verify I have the UHF/VHF plugged into Ant-2 and the HF antenna plugged into Ant-1.

Will an antenna analyzer not work going though the AH-4?  Has anyone experienced this problem?  What did you find the solution to be?  Or, any thoughts on what the problem might be?

Terry, n0ve

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