Re: New to the group and experiencing a problem


I don't think that the AH-4 maintains the settings it determined when the tune button was pushed and the tune was made if the power is cycled. Did you push the tune and did the radio send the 10 watts out to the tuner and the tuner tune?
If not perhaps there is a wiring problem between the radio and the AH-4. 
The radio still should not shut off (power wise) it the tune did not work, it would flash the tine "light" if it failed to tune.
You cannot check the SWR through the AH-4 as far as I remember unless you tuned the rig and AH-4, removed the antenna connection while keeping power on the radio (so that power is still on the tuner) and then connected the analyzer to check the currently tuned state. Of course the IC-7000 will give you a reading as well as it tunes, if that is selected.

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