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Dennis Klipa


I am by no means an expert and I am sure you will get lots of help from others with this but it sounds like you have two problems.

The shutting down on transmit sounds like the power supply voltage at the input to the radio drops below 11 V when you transmit and increase the current draw.  Similar cases have been traced back to poor contacts in the fuse/fuse holder assemblies, both the internal fuse and any inline fuses.  A high SWR should not cause the radio to shut down, but the output power would be reduced to near zero.

The second issue, the analyzer not working through the tuner, is a bit tougher.  I can only offer one observation.  Just because an antenna works well on receive does not necessarily mean it will work on transmit.  For example, if I have my 160 meter dipole hooked directly to my HF rig and try to listen on 20 meters, the SWR is terrible and the  signal levels are low.  BUT, if I unscrew the PL259 at the back of the rig and pull the connector out just a smidge so that the shield connection is opened but the center pin is connected, the signals levels jump right up.  I can receive great, but it doesn't transmit worth a darn.  I now have a long wire connected to the radio, not a transmission line.  So you may have a bad coax connection on the shield side somewhere.  This would cause the problems you are seeing.  On the other hand, it may well be a completely different issue.

Good luck and best regards,
Dennis, N8ERF

On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 5:19 AM Terry Y <tkyoung2009@...> wrote:
I just subscribed to the group this evening; my name is Terry Young, call sign n0ve

I'm looking for help with a problem.  I've had my IC-7000 since 2011 and an AH-4 since 2012.  For about the past three and half years the 7000 has been used once or twice a year for UHF/VHF only and the AH-4 hasn't been used.  About a week ago I reinstalled the 7000 & over the past couple of days I reinstalled the AH-4 along with a new Chameleon EMCOMM II.  The EMCOMM II is a 60 foot wire antenna that covers 6M to 160 M, the manufacturer recommends a 50 to 55 foot counterpoise, and an external tuner is required.  I installed a 58 foot counterpoise figuring I would put an analyzer on it and trim it back until I got an acceptable SWR reading.

Since reinstalling the 7000 I have participated in a couple of UHF/VHF nets with no problems; the most recent net being last Sunday evening.

When I finished installing the antenna this morning I connected an antenna analyzer though the AH-4 with unsuccessful results.  On 7.240 MHz I got back a reading of infinate SWR.  So, dialed in the High Noon Net (7.240 MHz) and just listening worked fine.  I turned on the tuner - no problems.  When I pressed the push-to-talk button/lever the radio shut off and immediately restarted.  I turned the power down to 75% and again, when I pressed push-to-talk same results.  I disconnected the HF antenna and the tuner cable and tried a UHF frequency (70cm) with the same results.  Before anyone asks, befoe I proceeded with the antenna installation I verifyed the AH-4 us compatible with a long-wire antenna and after the problem I did verify I have the UHF/VHF plugged into Ant-2 and the HF antenna plugged into Ant-1.

Will an antenna analyzer not work going though the AH-4?  Has anyone experienced this problem?  What did you find the solution to be?  Or, any thoughts on what the problem might be?

Terry, n0ve

Best Regards,
Dennis Klipa

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