Re: ICOM AUX1 Breakout box

Bob Hoffmann, K4CQO

Hi Richard,

I currently have a noise canceller connected to the 13 pin connector. I was looking into a cable that breaks the connector in 2 for any future connections on the 7000.

Your break-out box seems like just what I could use.

Yes, I am very interested in your project.



73 – K4CQO

Bob Hoffmann



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Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2020 11:30 AM
Subject: [ic7000] ICOM AUX1 Breakout box


Working on new small device it is a very simple breakout box the IAB1  for the ICOM AUX1 8pin or 13pin connector on the back of the ICOM Radios to get acces to Fix 100mv Audio from the radio, input audio for TX, PTT, RTTY FSR input and ALC, this is going to very usefull for older radios to make it easier to connect digital modes for exemple.  the IAB1 will offer a simple 1/8 audio jacks to each.

here is the video showing the small enclosure with magnets under the enclosure to help in the locating of the IAB1.

let me know if you are interrested


Richard VE2DX


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