Re: Need help determining whether has a fault - S meter

Chuck Scott <cscott@...>


I'm beginning to think there's a problem with RX in the radio. It would sure be nice to know that for sure before sending the radio in for repair. The only way to make sure is to know for sure that the antenna, transmission line, and any connections and equipment in that path are good. I suppose another way to know for sure short of someone offering to stop by with a good signal generator, is to see if another receiver actually gets good signal from the antenna if you have something else you can test with.

Good luck with it.

Chuck - N8DNX

On 4/21/2020 8:28 PM, k0job wrote:
Hi Chuck - thanks for the comeback.  I have been working through the weekend and this was the first chance I've had to do some additional eval.
I did unscrew the HF antenna connector shield and pulled it off.  Maybe I noticed that the noise level went up but it was hard to tell.  I don't think my received signals were any better though and that was on my R9 vertical.  The s-meter was still not moving.  I switched to a random wire antenna which is my backup and the received signal strength per my uncalibrated ear did seem less and again the s meter was not moving and had the same base level as the R9 vertical.
There is a ham group in the area but I doubt there are meetings until this virus thing is back on the way down.

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