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On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 03:52 AM, Kevin Grantham wrote:

Hello Graham Here are my answers

Does your new CI-V hub support independent bit rates per port? 

No, the CT-17 and CT17B are HUBs by definition the ports are all common, EXCEPT! the CT-17B-1X series (10, 11 and 12) have a jumper under the unit that let you split the hub into two seperate hubs with or whitout USB ports, thus letting you use the ct-17B-1X series as two seperate hubs.

Does it provide buffering to prevent collisions?

No the CI-V protocol is an ADHOC protocol as mention before and the CT17 and CT-17B are both Hubs and by definition a hub does not manage seperately the ports and the protocol a switch does, the CT17B is not a switch, I am working on one but am many months from finished dev.

Does it provide traffic decongestion – for example, if the transmitter sends its frequency it holds it and responds to queries from the computer or other devices directly without repolling the transmitter.

Well the CT-17B doesnt but the CI-V protocol does partially, it does listen in and partially manages that but wiht bugs as seen with the ICOM linears.

Does it provide RTS or DTR conversion from the USB port converting the hardware signals into the equivalent “transmit on” and “transmit off” codes? That would have to be mapped to the port/transmitter of interest, I should imagine.

No it does not, none of the CI-V USB interface that I know do that, and I dont really see...  humm ...  anyway will look into this one it does raise some issues, but then again would only be applicabble to the PC Port because he is the only one using the USB port the devices are not...  anyway this one is aninterresting ideal.,

Does it provide multiple COM port support so that an individual radio can be addressed plus a common COM port to be distributed

it can see the way I split the CT-17B-1X serial using JP1

Does it provide command steering?

No this is not a switch (Hint, for now!)

Does it provide frequency length conversion – padding short form to long form and stripping the leading zeros from long form to send to short form devices.

No this is not a switch (For now! :-D )

I hope this answered your questions, we are already working on two variations evolution one (the switch, is a way to go (months!), the other one will be more basic bot will come out before summer.

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