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The behavior you see with the S-Meter when you turn the RF/Squelch way down is normal. The default position is at 12 O'Clock. That all seems to be right and it clearly is affecting the signal level, as it should. So, it really sounds and looks like it's not getting much signal.

What I suggest you do just to do a quick sanity check of your coax connection is to unscrew the shell of the coax connector plugged into the HF connection on the back of the radio and pull the connector back just a bit so the center conductor is still in there a bit but the shield is not touching. (HF is the connector to the far right when looking at the radio from the back.) When you do this, do you get more received signal? If so, you need to look at your cables, connectors, antenna, and anything else in that path.

If you have another antenna, try that as well.

If that doesn't get you anywhere, there may very well be a problem with the radio. Do you know if there's someone in your area that has a good signal generator that can put out a known level? that would tell you right away.

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On 4/17/2020 4:07 PM, k0job wrote:

N8DNX - thanks for the reply

I don't have the ATT (attenuator) set on.  I have tried activating the preamp and while it does increase the signal stength the s meter readout is constant.

I've made a page with a couple of videos to better illustrate the s meter's behavior.

Thanks to all,

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