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First thing to check is if the screen has "ATT" just above the S-Meter on the left. If it does, that means that the attenuator is on which would considerably reduce the signal levels. To turn that off, press the "P.AMP" button (note ATT at the bottom of that button). That button normally turns the preamp on and off but if you hold it for a second it will turn the ATT on. If the ATT is on, a quick press will clear that.

The S-Meter should deflect if you turn the RF/Squelch knob fully counter clockwise. If not, it might just be a good time to try doing a full reset of the radio to clear any settings that might be causing a problem. The procedure for that should be in the docs, but I don't remember it right away.

It's also possible that there's a problem with the radio. Has it ever been near a lightning strike or was it used in a mobile installation for some period of time?

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On 4/17/2020 11:42 AM, k0job wrote:
My apologies in advance for a noob question - I don't have access to an elmer.

I have been away from my 7000 for a while and am relearning it.  I recall with my current setup (MFJ-939 tuner and Cushcraft R9 vertical) that the S meter would show a noise floor and signals would show a db increase.

Fast forward about 18 months and there is no movement on the S meter.  At all.  I can tune someone who is running 1kw and the S meter doesnt even move.  Using the RF/SQL knob does appear to raise the squelch limit but good signals don't impact the S meter reading.  Is there a setting that is making the S meter operate differently than I am expecting it to?
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