Re: new CT-17 CI-V hub design

Kevin Grantham

Hi, Richard!


Does your new CI-V hub support independent bit rates per port?

Does it provide buffering to prevent collisions?

Does it provide traffic decongestion – for example, if the transmitter sends its frequency it holds it and responds to queries from the computer or other devices directly without repolling the transmitter.

Does it provide RTS or DTR conversion from the USB port converting the hardware signals into the equivalent “transmit on” and “transmit off” codes? That would have to be mapped to the port/transmitter of interest, I should imagine.

Does it provide multiple COM port support so that an individual radio can be addressed plus a common COM port to be distributed?

Does it provide command steering?

Does it provide frequency length conversion – padding short form to long form and stripping the leading zeros from long form to send to short form devices.


I think that’s my wish list.


73 de Kevin N5KRG


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