Re: New Band Added?

Chuck Scott <cscott@...>


Wednesdays are my day away from the office, so I'll be home and can play with my IC-7000 for a bit to test this before getting on to other important things. (Cleaning up the shack, for example.)

If you could send me the frequency near the 30 Meter band where it's creating this band and how you're getting back to the 30 Meter band and testing that it's selected that extra band again, I can try this on my radio and perhaps get some more info for you. The more information the better.

Chuck - N8DNX

On 3/10/2020 3:33 PM, Bill M wrote:
I am not sure which question is being answered since another topic has been introduced. Each time I have tried the instructions given to move the extra band or to change it, it moves but when I go back to the 30 meter positition it again shows two. And yes to someone who asked is it outside the ham band and the answer is yes but close to 30 meter band. So again I do not know how I created this extra band slot on the up and down. Does anyone know how to remove it?

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