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Do you use DXLab with your IC-7000?  The reason I ask is that the video shows a much more capable rig for the demo, an IC-7800, and the Commander window shows the choice of IC-7800 and IC-9100. Those rigs have USB interfaces unlike the slower CI-V (RS-232 driven) interface that the 7000 has.  A controller can do more with it.

If I was starting from zero, I'd try DXLab first.  Since I've been using HRD for 18 years, I'm inclined to experiment more with it and see if I can get there.  

Back in early '16, I looked at DXLab for about a month to see if I wanted to renew HRD or dump it and start over.  I don't remember all the details from four years ago, but obviously stayed with HRD.

The priority, though, is I have about a month to do my outdoor antenna work and stuff before it gets too hot to be outside except morning and evening.  The radio and software will wait.


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