Re: Recent comments on IC7000 operation w/menus - Ham Radio Deluxe

WA8Y Steven

There is a button for Split operation.

Steven WA8Y

On 3/9/2020 7:39 AM, montanaaardvark wrote:

I've been using HRD since it was Simon's shareware program in 2002.  I switched over to automatic renewals last year.  But, as I said, I've barely scratched the surface of trying to use it with my 7000. 

I'm fairly certain that one time I tried to use it to change filters and the radio changed mode or something goofy like that, but it has been too busy around here to get into the shack and try out lots of features. 

One of the things I was trying to do early last week was work the VP8 guys split.  To go back and forth between VFOs trying to listen to DX on VFO  and the callers with B and then back to the keyer to press the button sending my call took longer than an exchange and just didn't work. 

I'm just a grumpy OF because I'm used to the big panel on my main rigs ;-)


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