Re: New Band Added?

Othmar S.

Hi Bill !

You can't put two frequencies of one ham-band into two "bands"...
The "extra-band" hast to be outside any amateur-band.
For example....with up/down go to mode AM and tune to the MW-BC-band...
then again push "band up" and you are again on 160m.
All the other amateur-bands from 160m to 70cm are still there.
Then if you decide (for example) to have the CB-band 😊 as an "extra-band", go to 10m, tune out of the
band to MHz, push again "band up" and you are there, on 10m.
The "extra-band" you first "create" (MW) will be "shifted" now between the 12m-band and the 10m-band.

Hope this will help...

73, Othmar, OE1SOW

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