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It may be pricey but the RS-BA1 may be a viable option.
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I can't answer your question, but it's along the lines of a problem I have. 

My IC-7000 is primarily for 2m and 70cm, but it's my backup rig for HF-6 also.  The problem is that I use it so infrequently that the menu structure messes me up. 

Complex menus are an issue with all smaller rigs because, well, they don't have the panel space.  What I'd dearly love to see is a piece of software that controls the radio and gives a front panel that requires less button pushing.  Especially the kind of button where if you just push it, the button does one thing, but if you hold it down two seconds it does something else, and if you hold it down three seconds while standing on your left foot, it's different than if you're standing on your right foot.  OK, I made that last one up, but I think you know it seems like that sometimes.

For what it's worth, I can control the rig (to some extent) with Ham Radio Deluxe but it doesn't do what I'd like.  I think the last time I tried something like changing the IF filter in HRD, it changed something else at the same time.  I need to check that.  The problem is, for an obsolete radio that a few of us own, it's not going to get the attention it would get if it was a something like the IC-7300 that everybody is interested in. I doubt anyone would do it.

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