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r norris

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I'm Javier (EA4FSD) from Spain.
I'd like to install on my IC7000 a IF buffer amplifier to add it an IF out and use it as panadapter, like a DX Engineering Clifton Laboratories Z10000 ( or a SDR-kits hupRF board (
Has anyone installed any board of these and to add it panadapter function?. Could you tell me your impressions, advices, ease to install and use, etc.? (Any comment or advice are welcome)
Thank you very much for all.

Greetings from Spain!

72,73 and good DX!


I am using an SDRplay receiver and there is a place in the CubicSDR software (for Apple computers) to select “follow rig”.

The software is no cost, on their Web site.

Others are doing it with Microsoft computers.   

The IC7000 and IC756Pro 3, both “tune” the SDR radio through USB cables from the radios to the computer.

I use two little relays to open and ground  the antenna input of the SDR during transmit.

The center display of the SDR follows the tuning knob of the radio, plus all the display features of the software.

No modifications to the radio(s) and I have an SDR for other projects.

Bob, K2RK

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