Re: First demo of the TFT Touch screen demo of the ATAS-100/120 Controller for ICOM


Thanks for the feedback Mark,

I fully agree with you, the TFT color screen is me having fun (Understatement!), I am thinking of a version running off an Arduino namo (Hypersmall) or ESP32 (even smaller) that is EXACTLY what you discribed, put a couple of SO239 back to back add about an inch or so for the rest of the hardware and put it in the back of the radio, my problem is the status LEDs and switch (One LED Ready/Tune/Error (using colors to id status) and yes a manual switch) I need to put those in the correct place and I agree that it should be near the hear or on the head of the radio, just have not address those issues yet!

The good news is that 95% of the code I am working on now will also be used in the baby version (HEY! thats a GREAT name IACBaby1!!!) you see how bad I am...

what I did is worked on the IAC (Icom ATAS100/120 Controlor) first for basic control of the antenna and CI-V communication, then did some basic Color touch Screen code, switched to IMK (Icom Memory Keypad) for more advance screen design, and now am working on the 3D casing for the two big one, which I think is done printing them this weekend.

Next is further CI-V traffic managment code for both projects.

Release of the IMK1 first followed by IAC1, and soon after IACBaby and I think this one is what you are thinking of (I hope!)

God I really need to make these shorther!!!

Here is a question for you Mark, dual speed antenna movement Yes or NO? I can change the speed by playing with the up and
down voltages it is quite easy to do, I am thinking of doing so to slow down the antenna when near lowest SWR to help the tuning sequence.

What do you think is it worth it...

:D Only the Best ICOM, ERC and HRD 
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