Re: First demo of the TFT Touch screen demo of the ATAS-100/120 Controller for ICOM

Mark Brueggemann

Just an opinion of a ~20 year user of an ATAS antenna:

If I could build the ideal controller for it, there would be no display.  I don't want another box I have to mount, run cables to, then watch and manipulate when going down the road.  The ATAS controller I picture is a black box that resides near the transceiver body for DC, CIV and coax connection, then has a small remote "pendant" I mount near the radio control head that shows controller status.  This would be as simple as a couple LED's, or a single multicolor LED.  For extra credit the indicator would be the LED already in the control head TUNE pushbutton, if it's controllable via CIV.  The only user control I might want would be an override switch for manual up/down tuning.  Under normal operation the controller would be transparent to the user - it would track the antenna to sync with VFO tuning and initiate a re-tune for band changes, and signal the user with the LED when it's ready.  The controller I use today is very simple, an up/down toggle and pushbutton to key the radio.  Anything more complex than that is a non starter for me, this has worked very well for almost 20 years.  So in order for me to be interested in an ATAS controller, it has to be even more simple than an inch square size box with two switches, hence the idea of a hands-off black box.

Mark K5LXP
Albuquerque, NM

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