Re: IC-7000 erratic low power output on HF


Check the fuses in the power line. Just pull them out and reinstall and see if this doesn’t fix your problem

This has been known to cause this type of problem.

You might consider installing some better fuses.






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Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2019 10:19 AM
Cc: Don Rolph
Subject: [ic7000] IC-7000 erratic low power output on HF


Suddenly last night my IC-7000 stopped performing effectively on HF.


It delivers 35 watts on 440

It delivers 45 watts on 2 meter

it delivers between 0 and 13 watts at most on 20, 15, and 6 with erratic behavior on 40

it provides 11 watts during tuning


Thoughts/suggestions?  Other diagnostic tests I should run?


Thanks in advance!!!






Don Rolph

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