First demo of the TFT Touch screen demo of the ATAS-100/120 Controller for ICOM


This is very early release of the user interface, as a reminder there will be 4 variation of the packaging;

1- with no display and maybe a couple of status LEDs (very Small)
2- 2X16 LCD display 
3- 4X20 LCD display

all of the above using same pcb very small 

and finally...

4- the full fledge color unit with touch screen

The user interface for the last one is what I was working on this week, I dont think at this time that it will run on the same pcb, unless I find another TFT screen with simpler interfacing with less wires like I2C i guess (wich I never played with, never stopped me before...!)

so here is the YouTube link for the demo.

very early version please no yelling (yet!)


Richard VE2DX

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