Re: Icom to ATAS-100 automatic controller project #all

D C *Mac* Macdonald

I am not familiar with the ATAS-100 antenna.  Is it a version of a "screwdriver" antenna?  If so, the TurboTuner-2 should work just fine with the IC-7000.  I just bought one to use with my IC-706 Mk II.
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Ok here is an update

at this point;

- established Ci-v hardware interface
- ci-v code done
- testing dual speed to help fine tune tuning.
- lcd 2x16 and 4x20 working hid done
- color tft display version , I am working on hid here come along fast
- ant interface establish
- for older radios established swr bridge 
- still working to define some functions
- working on freq sniffing to establish direction.
- need to work on antenna parking functions
- need to transfert to ardruno nano pateform
- need to source case or get help to 3d print diff cases
- need to dig into atu icom connector operations to trigger ant from radio and radio from interface
- need to make very small no display version.
- clean and document code
- need to make pcbs of diff versions
- need to document project (qst?)

so lots to do many already finished, anyone with pcb design or 3d printer that want to help let me know

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