Icom to ATAS-100 automatic controller project #all



For those interrested I am starting on a project to automaticaly control the YEASU ATAS-100/120 HF antenna using an ICOM radio like the IC7000.

It will be most likely Arduino based, using CI-V to snif freq, S-Meter and SWR info and the D4 antenna controller to control the radio.

I am looking at multiple variation from very small package with just a couple LED indiccators to 2X16 and 4X40 LCD to TFT Color LCD with touch screen.

for older ICOM radios missing some of the needed CI-V commands (pre IC-706mkIIG), I will had an SWR bridge to adress this.

still a long way to go but look here for updates.


Richard VE2DX

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