Re: LDG AT-7000

Max White

I run one with the 7K in a Freelander 1 for tuning up a 102 whip on HF - works well down to 40m. Make sure well grounded and I have plenty of ferrites on cables. DX wise in the last few years and the poor conditions, have worked US on 17, Moscow, Caribbean, Black Sea on 20, from what I can recall. So cannot complain on the combination not working.

GL & Gud DX / Max M0VNG

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Sent: 30 November 2019 10:01
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Subject: [ic7000] LDG AT-7000
Anyone run this ATU with their 7K, ive got a loaner IC-7000 to take on a trip with a view to buying it, it has an AT-7000 with it but no lead, just ordered the connecting lead from one of the UK stockists, just wondering if anyone got any thoughts on it and how does it perform. (the AT-7000) I mean.

Adrian G0KOM

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