Re: IC7000 50 Mhz power output

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Rember Specification. 50 ohm dummyload

Antenna is not normally 50 ohms.

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From: "Alan, AB6C" <fromjusttheking@...>
Date: 11/4/19 8:58 AM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Re: [ic7000] IC7000 50 Mhz power output

Are you sure that:

1. Your RF OUTPUT POWER is not set at 50W RF OUT in the menu for 50MHz (rather than at 100W out), or that:

2. You are in AM mode, as that mode limits you to 40W RF out  maximum in AM.

Factory spec is 100W RF Output power from HF to 50MHz.

Otherwise it would seem that there may be trouble afoot. The IC-7000 is known for having RF driver failures, which almost all the time seems to be accompanied with an HF or VHF or UHF power amplifier transistor failure as well. I know from experience as my 7000 one day about 5 years ago, "died" unexpectedly, without any warning of any kind. Just wouldn't transmit on any band as the driver feeds all 3 PA transistors. Sure enough, the driver did die, and (wanting company, haha) took the UHF PA transistor along with it. Sent it in to SARTS in MI for repair and had both replaced at my expense of course. It's been fine since, so I keep my fingers crossed, but in the last 5 years its still been working fine. I've never run it as a base, only mobile, and overall, I've been very happy with it.

I've hopefully attached a photo of the spec copied from the latest IC-7000 brochure printed.

Alan, AB6C

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