Re: IC7000 tx audio

Doboli Gratian

YES you can used the PANASONIC WM61A but the newest is PRIMO EM 258 and is real to find in the UK. Here is t he adress :

Write me if dont find the capsules and tell me about stady mods.

To me work with good audio report and full audio spectral frecvency.

Chose the PRIMO EM258 and beware to fake PANASONIC WM61 A or B because is obsolete the originals I find the original very hard and to reconised have two colors mark on the back of capsule aproach the pad solder : green and purple.

All the best from me to you YO2AA Ben – ROMANIA


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De la: Adrian McGonigle
Trimis: duminică, 3 noiembrie 2019 22:22
Subiect: Re: [ic7000] IC7000 tx audio


Doboli any idea if the Panasonic WM61A is similar to the WM61B, I cant find the B in the UK but plenty of the A, might have a go at modifying my HM-151 on my newly aquired IC-7000

Adrian G0KOM


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