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OK on your comments about the mic element replacement. I don't doubt that doing that will improve the audio further, but for "communications quality" the original one is fine by me.

Speaking of vinyl (and completely off topic), I have a copy of Felipe De La Rosa - Flamenco Fever (M & K) that I've had for years. Was shocked, but I shouldn't say surprised, when I saw what a good copy is going for these days. I knew it was an amazing recording when I got it (many years ago), but didn't think that it would become a legend as the Holy Grail of system performance tests.

Was rather a trip to listen to that on my Klipsch La Scala speakers. Some 40 years on from when I originally bought them, those speakers are currently on loan to a small performance venue nearby along with their partner, my Crown D-150A amp, and continue to get rave reviews. My Flamenco Fever copy hasn't been played in that many years and I would disrespect it to play it on my current turntable.

Chuck - N8DNX

On 11/1/2019 5:33 PM, Mark Chalkley wrote:


I don’t disagree - I think the operative word is “need”.  I’ve been an “audiophile” for decades:  For many years, I was able to tell vinyl from any form of digital with near 100% accuracy on any system.  (I could even tell vinyl that was originally digitally mastered vs. analog-mastered vinyl, so much so that none of my 3000+ records are digitally mastered...)  Digital music causes fairly rapid mental fatigue for me (I even have a hard time with most solid state amps - so tube audio systems are my thing), no matter how high the sampling rate, etc.  That’s lessening as my ears age, but it’s still there, and I’m not bragging - it’s been more a liability than anything else.  I sure wish I had all the money I’ve spent over the years compensating for hating the sound of audio that most people found completely acceptable, if they could even tell the difference...

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