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Thanks for the useful tips Charles.

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Date: 03/11/2019 06:49 (GMT+00:00)
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My club has an IC-7000.  I once did some on-air monitoring of the transmitted signal, using my FT-817 with a 1" antenna.  I don't know if the mic is "Japanee" or "Chinese", but it is whatever came with the rig.

I was surprised that any attempt to lower the high-frequency edge of the TX passband (2.9 kHz, in WIDE, if I remember right), resulted in _awful_ audio.  Really distorted, independent of compression setting and mic gain.  I suspect there's something wrong with the DSP firmware.

Raising the low-frequency edge (100 Hz in WIDE) -- that worked fine!  Setting it to 300 Hz gets rid of much of the voice's low-frequency power, which is wasted on vowel sounds.  The voice becomes treble-heavy, but it's not distorted, and readability is improved.  It's not as good as an HC-4 element for contesting, but it's nothing to be ashamed of.

So I concur with the advice from Alan / AB6C:

. . . Use his suggested settings for TX bandwidth.

I prefer to do my own settings of COMP and MIC GAIN; but Alan's are probably a good start.

.     Charles / VA7CPC

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