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Les Barnes <g8ghug0faj@...>

Yes Geoff I have, and will try it if I get the IC7000....73

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Date: 01/11/2019 21:35 (GMT+00:00)
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Les if you have the DTMF mic on your 706, used that. I do and it works great.


On Sat, 2 Nov. 2019, 08:10 k4pwo, <k4pwo@...> wrote:

If you have a mid-range voice, only the Japanese versions of the HM151 have the problem.  The later Chinese made mikes are fine with an average voice BUT you must use the TX equalizer in the radio’s menu to boost bass and mid-range while cutting highs.

The exact settings have been listed before and, as my rig is in my mobile, I can’t tell you at this moment.


Perry K4PWO



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Thankyou for your reply Mark.  I did read about the HM115 mod that Bob does so if I do get one I will bear him on mind. I do use home brewed headsets for mobile use whatever rig I use so it will be interesting to experiment. I just wondered if Icom had done anything to improve the audio on the newer IC7000s....I know a lot of the problems are caused by poor operating techniques. This is especially noticeable on FM transmissions on VHF / UHF.


73 DE Les G0FAJ

On Fri, 1 Nov 2019, 20:30 Mark Chalkley, <mchalkley@...> wrote:

I use my IC-7000 as my base and occasional mobile.  The only transmit audio problems I’m aware of are caused by the stock HM-151 mic.  I used to have a fairly elaborate desk mic/equalizer setup to compensate, with a custom cat5 cable to still allow use of the keypad.  I recently set it up again as a temp base station and didn’t want to hassle with all the extraneous stuff, so I had Bob Nagy, AB5N (, do his mic element replacement.  I wish I done that to start with, frankly.  My audio is better with his $50 mod than it was with $500 worth of desk mic, boom, equalizer, processor, etc.


My $.02 worth is that you can’t go wrong with the IC-7000, and if you let him mod your mic for you, you’ve got one sweet setup in a very convenient & easy-to-use package.




On Nov 1, 2019 at 09:41:03 CDT, Les Barnes <g8ghug0faj@...> wrote:

Hi everyone.   I am considering buying an Icom IC7000 for mobile use and have been reading about the reports of poor tx audio. Can anyone tell me if this problem has been overcome by Icom?  I have had great service and great TX audio from my IC706Mk2G for many years but it is now starting to have some problems so I researched the IC7000. There are so many reports of bad audio on the IC7000 that it has put me off purchasing one at the moment so can anyone advise me if the problem has been sorted in the newer IC7000 please,  or is it just a case of using a different microphone with the IC7000 and setting it up ??   73 de G0FAJ  QTHR.


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