Re: IC7000 tx audio

Les Barnes <g8ghug0faj@...>

Very interesting Charles...I have heard many stories of this sort of problem with various mics ....73

On Fri, 1 Nov 2019, 21:01 Charles Scott, <cscott@...> wrote:


The dirty little secret, at least as far as I can tell, is that this model microphone never needed the mic element replaced. I've had several of them and in all cases the TX audio problem was due to misalignment of the mic element with the pin-hole in the mic case. I fixed that on mine and all sounded great.

Chuck - N8DNX

On 11/1/2019 4:29 PM, Mark Chalkley wrote:
I use my IC-7000 as my base and occasional mobile.  The only transmit audio problems I’m aware of are caused by the stock HM-151 mic.  I used to have a fairly elaborate desk mic/equalizer setup to compensate, with a custom cat5 cable to still allow use of the keypad.  I recently set it up again as a temp base station and didn’t want to hassle with all the extraneous stuff, so I had Bob Nagy, AB5N (, do his mic element replacement.  I wish I done that to start with, frankly.  My audio is better with his $50 mod than it was with $500 worth of desk mic, boom, equalizer, processor, etc.

My $.02 worth is that you can’t go wrong with the IC-7000, and if you let him mod your mic for you, you’ve got one sweet setup in a very convenient & easy-to-use package.


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