Re: IC7K locked up

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A long shot, but possible. There's been problems with the Logic Unit that causes a variety of problems. That's the metal-enclosed unit under the back-left of the top cover. I don't have specifics of what Icom thinks the problems are with it, but in my case after using the radio for quite some time it developed intermittent problems controlling various relays.

I pulled it and carefully cleaned the contacts. After doing this twice, the radio settled down when on my bench but still was questionable in my mobile. It's back on my bench now and working fine there and an IC-7100 is in the truck.

Icom service told me that the their solution was to replace the logic unit then (because all of the alignments settings are in the logic board) do a full alignment of the radio. That was more than the radio is worth, so I decided not to.

It's possible that you're having some issue as a result of problems with the Logic Unit or connections to the board below it. It's not hard to take the top off and remove then re-seat that unit to see if there's any change. (With power disconnected of course :)

Chuck - N8DNX

On 10/1/2019 3:41 PM, Joe Humet wrote:
TNX All I will give that a try. I did the reset but that did nothing..

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