Re: External PTT connection

Bob Hoffmann, K4CQO

Thanks for responding Rich.

However, what I am seeing is -- if on 2m & 70cm receive, the relay -- presumable from having voltage applied -- shows not connected. This is whether I am transmitting or not.

For any HF setting (including 6m), it shows that the relay is connected -- presumable by the voltage disconnected from the relay. Again this is whether I am transmitting or not. So the relay is on / off depending on what band the ic-7000 is set to.

Assuming that the hsend is connected to the relay -- that would mean that hsend is grounded whenever an HF band is selected, and not grounded when 2m or 70cm are selected. I was wandering if that is an operation on a different pin than 3 -- meaning that i have the wrong cable, or if there is something that is set in the ic-7000 that does that. 

It looks like there is no such setting -- only the scope of the vsend / hsend. So, can it be that I have the wrong wired cable -- is there a different pin that does that?

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