External PTT connection

Bob Hoffmann, K4CQO

I am trying to connect a QRM noise canceler to the unit (using a QRM-180) and I am having trouble getting the PTT relay to switch the noise canceler out of the circuit.

I purchased a cable that is connected to the ACC connection (13 pin plug) with an RCA jack on the other end with a built in relay. However, this is what I am seeing: on VHF the relay is not operated; on HF the relay is operated. This is the case if I transmit or receive -- it does not change the relay setting.

It appears to be set to control using an external amp for HF instead of for VHF -- but I am confused why it does not change when I transmit. Is there a setting that I have to use -- or did I get the wrong cable (the cable is supposed to be good for the ic-7000), or maybe the incorrect way of connecting the ic-7000 to the noise canceler?

The noise canceler uses a ground connection to switch it from receive mode to out of the antenna path when transmitting.

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