Re: IC-7000 replacement

Kevin Grantham

The Yaesu FT-857 is a similar format, HF+6+2+70. However, it does not have as informative a display, a much more cryptic (but flatter) menu structure, and is a generation older receiver technology (it is a good superhet - the IC-7000 is a very good superhet that also includes DSP). The FT-857 can be equipped with a filter or two to enhance SSB or CW. The IC-7000 doesn’t need plug-in filters because it has DSP filters that are really great.

The Icom IC-7100 is functionally the same as the IC-7000 and adds Dstar. It also has a built-in sound card and USB port which is very convenient and reduces the amount of external stuff to be carried. The physical form is considerably different - it has a console-like control head that is remote from the radio body. It’s a large very readable monochrome display with touchscreen. So whether or not it fits in your intended application is something to consider.

Those are the closest I can think of now.

Kevin N5KRG

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