Re: IC-7000 replacement

I have an Ic 7000 that I used mobile with hf and vhf antennas, antenna controller, voltage regulator etc etc that I haven't used since I sold my truck. 2 years ago. It was working 100% at that time. I'm willing to let it go for best offer. I can take pictures if wanted.

Best 73s to all.
Ron. KR1H

On Sun, Sep 1, 2019, 12:58 PM wb0m <wb0m@...> wrote:
'So is there any replacement for the IC-7000 ?

Hi James,

Maybe somebody out there has plans for a radio similar to the 7000, but I doubt it. I love mine and use it all the time for portable operations and with portable ops. for the Boys Scouts of America.
I do not think there will be another radio like the 7K. Its replacement, the IC-7100, is lacking in the mobile department and, IMHO, is just a terrible looking radio. I have several friends who do like the IC-7100 and it does do everything the 7K does, plus D-Star. So, I wouldn’t hold you breath from Icom. Maybe Kenwood has a replacement for the TS-480 (which is now discontinued).

The closest thing out there now is the Elecraft KX3 with either the 2-meter or 4-meter module, plus the KXPA 100 amp. Unfortunately, that set up, while really, really good, will set a ham back about $2000.


IC-7000 replacement 
From: James Fisher
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2019 13:20:54 CDT 

I use the IC-7000 for mobile operation.
The compact size of the face is excellent and the 160 meter -440 Mhz coverage is needed,.
So is there any replacement for the IC-7000 ?
I have a TS-480 but the face is a bit larger and it does not cover 2 meters and 440.

Maybe there are enough IC-7000 around that they can always be repaired ?

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