Re: Close Proximity

Helmut Wabnig

On Fri, 23 Aug 2019 08:21:56 -0700, you wrote:

Hi all,
I’m wondering if any of you  have had issues with antenna  close proximity? I run an ic-7300 on HF and have my ic-7000 set up to use mostly on VHF/UHF. My antennas are quite close to each other as we live in a townhouse, less than 10 feet apart. Normally I don’t run both radios simultaneously. If I were to do that, does anyone think that could be a problem, as in doing damage to either radio? Would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks! :-)

All the best,
Although I should have known better, I destroyed two LED lamps,
one 2 meter amateur transceiver inclusive its power supply,
and one laptop computer with all the software on it.

By transmitting in near proximity.


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