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D C *Mac* Macdonald

No Aluminum Oxidation!

I've assembled Mosley (and other) antennas using the Noalox and Penetrox for years (since 1963).  They disassemble and reassemble easily, even after many years in the air!  I believe the stuff is basically powdered aluminum in a petroleum jelly base.  And yes, it is a pain to get it off your fingers, hands, and clothes!

DX Engineering sells a similar product that seems to substitute powdered copper for the powdered aluminum.  That will also do the job.
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"NOALOX" - No Aluminum Oxide


Originally designed for Al-Cu (aluminum-copper) electrical outlets, etc., that were used with aluminum electrical wire & copper-plated electrical outlets & wall switches (etc.) to prevent oxide-created issues.


jd, K1TLV



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>Bill W2CQ

It's NOALOX, right?
That one is on Amazon.

Meanwhile I searched for it. Did not know this product before.
Is based on petroleum oil,
added some organic oil with hardener I suppose
(Like some ordinary laque) or is it rather like a grease?
and contains fine zinc powder they say.

Very interesting thing. Normally zinc and copper eat each other
electrolytically, but the laque encapsulates the contact points.
I wonder ablout that.

I will order one and try it out,
thank you for the information.


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