Re: the end of IC-706 saga?

nicolasc33 <javier_ebay@...>

Yes, here retailers still have the 706, with some price cut (15% below
former price). Usual prices here are at least 30% higher than in USA.

So we have two posibilities a "Dayton special" price of 799.95USD or a
SALE OUT price of 799.95 (includes free RMK706). As maybe this price it
is not the normal price in USA as you suggest 950USD. Here the sale
price it is now 850 Euro, about 1071USD, but usualy due to EU tax, the
price in EU it is higher here than in USD in the US.

My question was simple "we carry full ICOM line, if you dont see it
call" it is not in the online catalog... so.. maybe someone could call
that 800 phone,and tell us.

The PDF full catalog is over 17Mb, very usefull, but not the fastest
way to search for a price.

So going back to my question: The 799,95 price printed in the PDF
catalog, is it a Dayton special, still not in the online catalog, or
is it a clearance sale out price? or both? It is difficult to believe
they removed it by mistake.

If (like in Spain) ICOM distributed a limited number of rigs, and R&L
put that 799.95 price in the web, they may have run short of them, so
they had to remove it from the web, even if still left on the PDF.

Here in Spain ICOM distributed ONLY 30 units at that low price, still
some available, but it is difficult to guess if it is a fixed time sale
promotion or a clearance sale, in any case I was told that ONLY 30

Here in EU we have our "Dayton" in Friedrichshafen (Germany)june 24/26

Of course we are just gessing, this is what this group it is about
untill ICOM tells something. So we follow some clues... but we may be
fully wrong.

IC-746PRO (IC7400 here) had a 25% price cut in april, and I got one for
myself. I did not care for a PRO-II new version. At that price I could
be wrong. I love its DSP

So I am keeping a close eye on the 706. I think it is a superb rig.
With ICOM going full IF-DSP I just would like to see a clearout sale on
filters, that I think they are overpriced. This is the only weak point
I see in the 706. All the references I have about it from ICOM or free
lance repair services, is that it is a good rig (now MKIIG). And it is
the highest seller ever of Ham rigs.

Javier EA4CWY

"Ya`akov N. Miles" <ve7alq@a...> wrote:

Both Ham Radio Outlet
and Universal Radio

still list the ic706mkiig on-line at a cost of about USD$950.
I just finished purchasing my second ic706mkiig in Canada for
CDN$1199 which works out to about the same price, once the
foreign exchange is taken into consideration.

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