IC 7000 Quit


My 7000 is used mobile, I hadn't usedthe car in over a week and car battery went flat, when I got in the radio was making a clicking noise, seemed to be from the Spkr.
There was no display, and could not turn the radio off, I had to pull 30A fuse to shut radio down.
When the battery was charged, I put the fuse back and powered up the rig, It came to life, dispay worked, everything seemed Ok, Then it went dead a couple of minutes later (Rx only)
The next time I looked down, No display and clicking noise breifly, then completely dead. Since then t has not powered up, Have checked the 30- amp fuse and the
13.6 volts is present at the power connector, (but without any load, I saw this in another post today). will try 30 amp fuse holder, but I did wiggle the fuse and nothing
happened at the radio. I have checked a few caps in the unit and the head but they seem ok, I read somewhere that this could be the problem, also checked the 5 amp fuse inside.
at the board contacts seem Ok as well, I really don't want to start disassenbling the radio as it is quite compact. Wondering if anyone here has any ideas about
what the issue might be. I'm not happy as this will be the first time I've ever contemplated sending a radio for service. But I feel it's just to small, I've replaced some surface mount chips
before but not as complex as the stuff inside this radio.
Help, please.

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