IC-7000 Squelch Issues

Randy Hollingsworth

My IC-7000 was my mobile HF rig for several years and never had any issues. I recently moved it to the shack as a backup rig for HF and to use its VHF/UHF capabilities. In working with it earlier today, the squelch function seems to not be working correctly. The squelch is set to auto. When I tried using it on 2M and 70 cm bands in FM mode, there was no setting of the control that would open the squelch. Further, when I changed back to HF bands, I found that when set to USB or LSB I got the same result, the squelch would not open. However, on CW mode, the squelch behaved normally on all HF bands. I repeated this process with the squelch set to squelch rather than auto and got the same result.

I am hoping that there is simply a setting issue that I am missing and that someone can point out what I am doing wrong. Thanks for any assistance!!

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