Re: 2M CTCSS Tones, Most Popular


The choice of PL tones across the USA can be a result of necessity from years ago. Most repeaters began as carrier squelch mode, or in other words no PL tone. As PL became more popular in repeaters it necessitated people with older radios to add a PL board. These early PL boards were single frequency PL boards. Switching PL tones was possible, but not easy.?? Because of this, many repeater owners in an area would decide upon a common frequency for Pl tones.?? Here in Eastern Connecticut 156.7Hz was a common choice. That way a user could switch between repeaters and use the same PL tone.?? So, geographical areas tended to use common PL tones.

Today with modern radios this is not necessary.

73, Joe, K1ike

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We had some discussion about what the most popular CTCSS tone might be .

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