Re: IC-7000 2 Meter Rpt Problem Transmit but doesn't open the repeater ?

Jim Szalajeski

The bottom line here is to find a ham locally that either has a service monitor or has access to one.  Trying to jury rig measuring deviation and frequency is never a good move.

I have been involved with public safety radio systems for a very long time and offer to help any of the local hams that are having a problem with their radios.

You may try some of the local radio clubs and ask if any of the members have a service monitor that can be used to look at your radio in question.  It could even be off frequency and that just adds to the problems of trying to resolve your problem with the repeater in question.

Having a service manual available for the radio in question will make it easier for who ever ends up looking at the radio to make any minor adjustments that it may need.


On Friday, April 19, 2019, 9:52:28 AM CDT, James KB7TBT <kb7tbt@...> wrote:

Who told you that?

> The repeater requires a tone. It seems that most do with the default
> tone being 100.0 Hz.


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