Re: IC-7000 2 Meter Rpt Problem Transmit but doesn't open the repeater ?

James Johnston <jimthej@...>

Maybe dumb question, but does the repeater require Encode/Decode on the ctcss? Are you opening the repeater, but not hearing the signal?

Jim Johnston

On Apr 17, 2019, at 18:27, Kurt Sweeny <damele@...> wrote:


I have repeater tables and the tone scan of 7000 identify the used by the repeater, in addition to be able to see the tone successfully used by the 530. So, I fairly confident I have the right tone.

Thanks to you and others for all the suggestions. Though I yet haven’t found a repeater that doesn’t require a tone, My fires us that the 7000 would work on a no code repeater since it is transmitting. Thinking about ways to put a tone through the microphone but mike frequency response might be an issue.


On Apr 17, 2019, at 4:40 PM, Geoff <vk3zgw@...> wrote:

Hi Kurt,

If your FT 530 can work the repeater then you can test what CTCSS the 530 is sending by using your 7000. This will at least eliminate the CTCSS as the issue.

If you can, lower the power of the 530 to minimum or preferably feed the 530 into a dummy load.

Tune the 7000's receiver to the repeater's input frequency and set the 7000's tone squelch to the tone frequency that you think is used on the repeater. When you transmit on the 530 you will see the signal being received by the 7000 but you will only hear audio from the 7000's speaker when it's tone squelch frequency matches that of the 530's transmitted CTCSS. Keep changing the 7000's tone squelch until you hear the audio of the 530 from the 7000's speaker. Note that tone frequency and set that into the 7000's tone setting for the repeater's CTCSS.

Also double check that your duplex offset is correct by comparing it with your 530.

Good luck.


On 17 Apr 2019, at 14:59, Kurt Sweeny <damele@...> wrote:

I have had my 7000 for 11 great years but never tried 2M repeater work. I have confirmed the radio transmits on the input frequency but will not key the repeater. Have triple check parameters ( doesn't mean it is still operator error).
using my Yaseu FT-530 I can use the repeater ( which I guess just provesI can use the 530.)

Could the tone generating capability not be working? Seems very unlikely.

Any help appreciated.

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