Re: HF 60 meter band

Steve W3AHL

The original 7K's allowed transmission only on the five channels authorized for 60M amateur radio use by the FCC in 2003.  In 2012 the FCC removed one channel (5366.5 MHz USB Dial / 5368 MHz Channel Center) and replaced it with another (  5357 MHz USB Dial / 5358.5 MHz Channel Center).  To enable the new channel on radios prior to serial # 0514455, it is necessary to remove diode D2172 on the Main board.  This opens up the entire 60M band (not just the FCC allowed channels for amateur radio).  I suggest adding the USB Dial frequency into memory to avoid operating outside of approved channels (or Channel Center depending on modes used).  

For more details see:
For Icom's 60M mod see:

Steve, W3AHL

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