Re: Bluetooth interface

Andy G7OFC

Hi Eddie,

I looked into this about 18 months ago.  My search led to to purchase a couple of BT modules from Amazon.  The problem with with both of them was that one had  a Tx/Rx switch depending on whether you wanted to play your phone to your AV system or connect WiFi headphones to them, and the other, which looked more promising but wasn't, auto sensed whether you had the jack plugged in to the Tx or Rx connector.

No doubt you could build some "glue logic" around the auto sensing one to carry out the switching but it just seemed like too much trouble so I sent them back.

What I did find was the KC-6112 BT Audio Gateway by KC Wirefree.  KC Wirefree have published a reference circuit on their website and a variation of this was implemented by KG4JJH which was published in the August 2013 edition of QST.

Since then there is also a BT unit using the KC-6112 published on


Andy G7OFC

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