Cant change or enter Final Idle Cur(430Mhz) in service menu

Ian Benjamin VE9HB

Hi everyone, first post in this group.
I am working on an IC7000, have the original problem pretty well fixed, but managed to create a problem for myself.
I went through the TX adjustment menu and did all the preceding Idle Current setups just fine.
The last item in the DRIVE/FINAL IDLING CURRENT,   "430MHz idle current"  was more of a problem.
The current value I found was a bit low, so I decided to set it to the correct value, even though the original problem was in the HF bands.
(I know, I know, if it ain't broke.......)
At first I couldn't get the current to drop to zero. Not sure how I managed to enter the 00 current setting, either by exiting the service menu, or by power cycling the radio. Now, I cant enter a non-zero bias current, or put back the original value.. Have tried all kinds of control, menu sequences, no luck.
Has anybody encountered or fixed this glitch?

BTW, original problem was low HF power on 20m band. Turned out the 20m band drew more current than the others, and tripped the overcurrent protection which was set too low. Drawing 20.5A @ 100W out.

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