Re: IC-7000 scanning

Ahmad Eddie Mobasheri

Hi all.
I am very pleased and now informed  with the many feedback I received in regard to the 2.5A power supply. Thanks again.
My radio came in English but translated from Japanese. I user manual. I have found some other versions on internet but they are all the same. I have found the scanning a bit complicated at lease for me it is!
It would be very much appreciated if you could take me through ( or lead me to a link) the scanning steps for example 410 MHz to 440 MHz, step by step ( Illustrating the appropriate , relevant  keys to push) etc. I am newbie!
Thanking you in advance and cheers  
A. Eddie Mobasheri
46 Bollard Avenue
New Windsor 0600
Auckland, NZ
Ph: +64 0212 (Persia) 737 742

Eddie Mobasheri
Auckland, New Zealand

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