Re: IC-7000 Intermittent recieve

Charles Scott <cscott@...>


Is it just receive or are you loosing transmit? I have a problem with my IC-7000 that may not be what yours has but might be interesting.

My IC-7000 that I've used mobile for years developed a problem that was both TX and RX on HF only. It was intermittent, particularly on bumps, but getting worse and didn't matter which band I was on. I thought it was the T/R relay between the amp and the filter selection, which also carries RX signal.

When I got into it I found that it was the logic module on the top of the radio that was intermittent and causing that relay to not pull in, and perhaps other issues.  I pulled the logic module and cleaned the two connectors that plug into the board below. That seemed to settle it down. Thought I still had an occasional problem but then found a problem at my antenna. Seems to be good most of the time but think I've seen the problem come up a couple times since, although only for a short time.

I exchanged E-Mail with the Icom tech here in MI and he says this can be a problem with the logic module and the solution is to replace it. The only problem is doing that also requires a full alignment, so the cost of the module and labor is about that of a good used IC-7000. An IC-7100 might work in my vehicle but it's a bigger display and I like how things are setup currently.

I figure I'm going to live with it for now and if it becomes are regular problem again I'll go back in and see if I can't find exactly where the problem is.

Good luck with your radio.


On 3/3/2019 11:11 PM, George DuBord wrote:
Hello all,
  I have an issue with my recieve and i hoping someone has ran into this before with a solution. I suspect the ribbons are bad by what I've researched on different forums and videos. The recieve will work just fine then out of the blue it drops out with just air noise. then just like that it will start working again. any suggestions? I have ordered some new ribbons which are due to arrive shortly. Thanks for any help resolving this. W9ANW

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